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Welcome to Future Solent 2015. In this conference mini-site you will find information about the day, and links to further information.

Download agenda as pdf

0850     Video from the Future Solent Conference of 2014

0905     Welcome to the 2015 Conference Future Solent Update
               Stewart Dunn, Chair of Future Solent and Chief Executive of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

0920     House keeping & Round table introductions
               Emma Paxton, Event facilitator

0930     Launch of the David Green Award
               Presented by Andy Stanford-Clark, Master Inventor IBM

0945     Greentech South Launch
               Anna Parry, Greentech South Cluster Manager

0955     Round table discussion on what Greentech South should offer business

1015     Refreshment Break
               Visit the Expo

1045     An Energy Strategy for the Solent
               Ben Earl Southern Water, Future Solent Lead on Energy Strategy

1100     Connecting your Energy to the Grid – Barriers and how to overcome them
               Alex Howison, Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution

1115     A Business Opportunity – The Solent Solar Panel Project
               Dr Alan Whitehead MP
               Simon Letts, Leader of Southampton City Council
               Colin Rowland, Southampton City Council Project Leader
               Professor AbuBakr Bahaj, University of Southampton

1200     Round table discussion – Energy Strategy and How you can be involved

1220     Lunch / Networking / Visit expo

1350     Feedback from the morning sessions
               Stewart Dunn

1405     Keynote Speaker 
               Quentin Scott, Low Carbon

1435     Introduce Round table Hot Topics
               Emma Paxton Event Facilitator
               See Below for a list of topics and choose 3 to attend.

1440     Round 1

1505     Round 2

1530     Round 3

1555     Final comments and invitation to the Reception
               Stewart Dunn

1600 Drinks reception

1700 Close

Round Table Topics:

1. Solent Growth Hub – Ray Cobb – Ray has many years experience in helping businesses apply for grants and other funds. Ray will outline the ways you can give yourself the best chance of success.

2. Solent LEP – Steve Futter – Steve has managed the Bridging the Gap fund for a number of years and will help you avoid the mistakes that lead to a failed bid. If you are submitting an application to the Bridging the Gap fund then this session is definitely for you.

3. Hampshire Community Bank – Kostas Voutsinas – Kostas is one of the local team setting up the new Bank which hope to commence trading in 2016 and he will be talking to SMEs looking for business loans for specific projects.

4. Innovate UK and The Enterprise Europe Network – Tim Benzie – Tim has many years’ experience in finding EU partners for UK companies, as well as helping UK companies take their product to the EU market. Tim now has expertise in Innovate UK programmes and will show you the correct funding programme and offer guidance along the way.

5. Greentech South – Anna Parry – Come and tell us what you want from the new cluster, hear what we can offer your business.

6. Southern Water – Ben Earl – Saving Water and Energy – Hear how your business can reduce costs and receive a FREE audit and retrofit

7. Lymington Solar Farm – How it was set up and the hurdles they overcame.

8. LoToNo – 10,000 Innovation Vouchers for SMEs with Low Carbon projects.

9. Meet The Academic – University of Southampton – 10 Researchers showcasing PhD research into Cities and Energy.

10. Meet The Academic – University of Portsmouth – 2 tables – Sustainable Construction, decision-making processes during building design, construction and operation and using operational research, logistics and artificial intelligence in your business.

11. Meet The Academic – Southampton Solent University – Opportunities from the circular economy.

12. Internet of Things – What is it, what’s happening and how quickly. Three of the Solent’s leading experts are happy to share the future of this – Andy Stanford-Clark, Chris Cooper and Nick Allott will explain more.

13. Measure Your Energy – Ben Murphy – If you can’t measure it you can’t save it – One of our leading local companies leading the way in energy reduction.

14. Resilient Web – Julia Pearson – Julia was a successful partner in the Green Growth Grant programme helping all the SMEs she worked with to win a Green Grant or better.

15. Environmental Technology Verification – Do you need to prove that a new product or service reduces carbon emissions? Here is the organisation that will help.

16. Planning a Renewable Energy Project? Charles Burt of GEP Environmental and Colin Rowland of Southampton City Council have done exactly that. Hear how.

17. Lotono Alumni Table – With Anna Traylor

18. UKTI SE – Grow your business across the Globe. What are the funds and other support?

Plus a couple of ‘pop up’ tables if you have a burning issue or idea you want to promote – but let us know so we can tell people what it is.

Or visit one of the 25 expos.


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